Technical Track Program

164 papers have been accepted from the nearly 1000 papers submitted in the 11 Technical Tracks for WWW2017. They have been grouped into 40 sessions in 23 topic areas to be presented over three days, during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The accepted papers are listed below in their sessions ordered by day.

Wednesday 5 April

Systems and Infrastructure 1

Osama Haq, Mamoon Raja and Fahad Dogar. Measuring and Improving the Reliability of Wide-Area Cloud Paths

Henrique Moniz, João Leitão, Ricardo Dias, Johannes Gehrke, Nuno Preguiça and Rodrigo Rodrigues. Blotter: Low Latency Transactions for Geo-Replicated Storage

Charles Clarke, Gordon Cormack, Jimmy Lin and Adam Roegiest. Ten Blue Links on Mars

Albert van der Linde, Pedro Fouto, João Leitão, Nuno Preguiça, Santiago Castiñeira and Annette Bieniusa. Legion: Enriching Internet Services with Peer-to-Peer Interactions

Systems and Infrastructure 2

Gareth Tyson, Shan Huang, Felix Cuadrado, Ignacio Castro, Vasile Perta, Arjuna Sathiaseelan and Steve Uhlig. Exploring HTTP Header Manipulation In-The-Wild

Hiranya Jayathilaka, Chandra Krintz and Rich Wolski. Performance Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis for Cloud-hosted Web Applications

Valentin Dalibard, Michael Schaarschmidt and Eiko Yoneki. BOAT: Building Auto-Tuners with Structured Bayesian Optimization

Sanae Rosen, Bo Han, Shuai Hao, Z. Morley Mao and Feng Qian. Push or Request: An Investigation of HTTP/2 Server Push for Improving Mobile Web Performance

Computational Health 1

Yilin Wang, Jiliang Tang, Jundong Li, Baoxin Li, Yali Wan, Clayton Mellina, Neil O'Hare and Yi Chang. Understanding and Discovering Deliberate Self-harm Content in Social Media

Sandra Servia-Rodríguez, Kiran K. Rachuri, Cecilia Mascolo, Peter J. Rentfrow, Neal Lathia and Gillian M. Sandstrom. Mobile sensing at the service of mental well-being: a large-scale longitudinal study

Tim Althoff, Eric Horvitz, Ryen White and Jamie Zeitzer. Population-Scale Study of Sleep and Performance

Shaodian Zhang, Tian Kang, Lin Qiu, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu and Noemie Elhadad. Cataloguing treatments discussed and used in online autism communities

Computational Health 2

Daniela Perrotta, Michele Tizzoni and Daniela Paolotti. Using participatory Web-based surveillance data to improve seasonal influenza forecasting in Italy

Qian Zhang, Nicola Perra, Daniela Perrotta, Daniela Paolotti, Michele Tizzoni and Alessandro Vespignani. Forecasting seasonal influenza fusing digital indicators and mechanistic disease models

Maulik Kamdar and Mark Musen. PhLeGrA: Graph Analytics in Pharmacology over the Web of Life Sciences Linked Open Data

Luca Soldaini and Elad Yom-Tov. Inferring Individual Attributes from Search Engine Queries and Auxiliary Information

Computational Health 3

Christoph Trattner and David Elsweiler. Investigating the Healthiness of Internet-Sourced Recipes: Implications for Meal Planning and Recommender Systems

Deepika Yadav, Pushpendra Singh, Vijay Kumar, Deepak Sood, Madeline Balaam, Patrick Olivier, Drishti Sharma and Mona Duggal. Sanghosti: Empowering Community Health Workers through Peer Learning in Rural India

Ferda Ofli, Yusuf Aytar, Ingmar Weber, Raggi Al Hammouri and Antonio Torralba. Is Wine #delicious? The Food Perception Gap on Instagram and Its Relation to Health

David Stuck, Luca Foschini, Greg Ver Steeg, Haraldur Tómas Hallgrímsson and Alessandro Epasto. The Spread of Physical Activity Through Social Networks

Ubiquitous and Mobile 1

Jin-Woo Kwon and Soo-Mook Moon. Web Application Migration with Closure Reconstruction

Mengwei Xu, Yun Ma, Xuanzhe Liu, Felix Xiaozhu Lin and Yunxin Liu. AppHolmes: Detecting and Characterizing App Collusion among Third-Party Android Markets

Elias Papadopoulos, Michalis Diamantaris, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Thanasis Petsas, Sotiris Ioannidis and Evangelos Markatos. The Long-Standing Privacy Debate: Mobile Websites Vs Mobile Apps

Haoyu Wang, Zhe Liu, Yao Guo, Xiangqun Chen, Miao Zhang, Guoai Xu and Jason Hong. An Explorative Study of the Mobile App Ecosystem from App Developers' Perspective

Ubiquitous and Mobile 2

Min Hong Yun, Songtao He and Lin Zhong. Reducing Latency by Eliminating Synchrony

Giovanni Campagna, Rakesh Ramesh, Silei Xu, Monica Lam and Michael Fischer. Sabrina: An Open, Crowdsourced, Privacy-Preserving, Programmable Virtual Assistant

Shuochao Yao, Shaohan Hu, Yiran Zhao, Aston Zhang and Tarek Abdelzaher. DeepSense: A Unified Deep Learning Framework for Time-Series Mobile Sensing Data Processing

Chao Zhang, Keyang Zhang, Quan Yuan, Haoruo Peng, Yu Zheng, Tim Hanratty, Shaowen Wang and Jiawei Han. Regions, Periods, Activities: Uncovering Urban Dynamics via Cross-Modal Representation Learning

Search Applications

David Goldberg, Andrew Trotman, Xiao Wang, Wei Min and Zongru Wan. Drawing Sound Conclusions from Noisy Judgments

Adam Fourney, Ryen W. White and Meredith Ringel Morris. Web Search as a Linguistic Tool

Yashen Wang. Query Expansion Based On A Feedback Concept Model For Microblog Retrieval

Liangda Li, Hongbo Deng, Anlei Dong, Yi Chang, Hongyuan Zha and Ricardo Baeza-Yates. Exploring Query Auto-Completion and Click Logs for Contextual-Aware Web Search and Query Suggestion

Recommender Systems 1

Peizhe Cheng, Shuaiqiang Wang, Jun Ma, Jiankai Sun and Hui Xiong. Learning to Recommend Accurate and Diverse Items

Cheng-Kang Hsieh, Longqi Yang, Yin Cui, Tsung Yi Lin, Serge Belongie and Deborah Estrin. Collaborative Metric Learning

Alex Beutel, Ed H. Chi, Zhiyuan Cheng, Hubert Pham and John Anderson. Beyond Globally Optimal: Focused Learning for Improved Recommendations

Xiangnan He, Lizi Liao, Hanwang Zhang, Liqiang Nie, Xia Hu and Tat-Seng Chua. Neural Collaborative Filtering

Recommender Systems 2

Dimitrios Serbos, Shuyao Qi, Nikos Mamoulis, Evaggelia Pitoura and Panayiotis Tsaparas. Fairness in Package-to-Group Recommendations

Nguyen Tuan Anh Pham, Gao Cong and Xutao Li. A General Model for Out-of-town Region Recommendation

Shiyu Chang, Yang Zhang, Jiliang Tang, Dawei Yin, Yi Chang, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson and Thomas Huang. Streaming Recommender Systems

Suhang Wang, Yilin Wang, Jiliang Tang, Kai Shu, Suhas Ranganath and Huan Liu. What Your Images Reveal: Exploiting Visual Contents for Point-of-Interest Recommendation

Information Cascades

Rahmtin Rotabi, Krishna Kamath, Jon Kleinberg and Aneesh Sharma. Cascades: A View from Audience

Karol Węgrzycki, Andrzej Pacuk, Piotr Sankowski and Piotr Wygocki. Why Do Cascade Sizes Follow a Power-Law?

Cheng Li, Jiaqi Ma, Xiaoxiao Guo and Qiaozhu Mei. DeepCas: an End-to-end Predictor of Information Cascades

Karthik Subbian, B. Aditya Prakash and Lada Adamic. Detecting Large Reshare Cascades in Social Networks

Ad Auctions

Vahab Mirrokni and Hamid Nazerzadeh. Deals or No Deals: Contract Design for Online Advertising

Santiago Balseiro, Anthony Kim, Mohammad Mahdian and Vahab Mirrokni. Budget Management Strategies in Repeated Auctions

Ruggiero Cavallo, Rad Niazadeh and Christopher Wilkens. GSP --- The Cinderella of Mechanism Design

Alexey Drutsa . Horizon-Independent Optimal Pricing in Repeated Auctions with Truthful and Strategic Buyers

Ruggiero Cavallo, Prabhakar Krishnamurthy, Chris Wilkens and Maxim Sviridenko. Sponsored Search Auctions with Rich Ads

Algorithms and Theory 1

Yuan Lin, Wei Chen and Zhongzhi Zhang. Assessing Percolation Threshold Based on High-Order Non-Backtracking Matrices

Maximilien Danisch, T-H. Hubert Chan and Mauro Sozio. Large Scale Density-friendly Graph Decomposition via Convex Programming

Xinsheng Li, K. Selcuk Candan and Maria Luisa Sapino. nTD: Noise Adaptive Tensor Decomposition

Tsubasa Takahashi, Bryan Hooi and Christos Faloutsos. AutoCyclone: Automatic Mining of Cyclic Online Activities with Robust Tensor Factorization

Algorithms and Theory 2

Aneesh Sharma, C. Seshadhri and Ashish Goel. When Hashes Met Wedges: A Distributed Algorithm for Finding High Similarity Vectors

Shweta Jain and C. Seshadhri. A Fast and Provable Method for Estimating Clique Counts Using Tur\'{a}n's Theorem

Alessandro Epasto, Silvio Lattanzi, Sergei Vassilvitskii and Morteza Zadimoghaddam. Submodular Optimization Over Sliding Windows

Ravi Kumar, Maithra Raghu, Tamas Sarlos and Andrew Tomkins. Linear Additive Markov Processes

Cloud and Sharing Economy

Zhixuan Fang, Longbo Huang and Adam Wierman. Prices and Subsidies in the Sharing Economy

Siddhartha Banerjee, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Konstantinos Kollias and Kamesh Munagala. Segmenting Two-Sided Markets

Noam Nisan and Gali Noti. An Experimental Evaluation of Regret-Based Econometrics

Cinar Kilcioglu, Justin Rao and Preston McAfee. Usage Patterns and the Economics of the Public Cloud

Thursday 6 April

Crowdsourcing 1

Zhijing Li, Ana Nika, Xinyi Zhang, Yanzi Zhu, Yuanshun Yao, Ben Y. Zhao and Haitao Zheng. Identifying Value in Crowdsourced Wireless Signal Measurements

Nikhil Garg, Vijay Kamble, Ashish Goel, David Marn and Kamesh Munagala. Collaborative Optimization for Collective Decision-making in Continuous Spaces

Leye Wang, Dingqi Yang, Xiao Han, Tianben Wang, Daqing Zhang and Xiaojuan Ma. Location Privacy-Preserving Task Allocation for Mobile Crowdsensing with Differential Geo-Obfuscation

Yaguang Li, Han Su, Ugur Demiryurek, Bolong Zheng, Tieke He and Cyrus Shahabi. PaRE: A System for Personalized Route Guidance

Crowdsourcing 2

Seongsoon Kim, Seongwoon Lee, Donghyeon Park and Jaewoo Kang. Constructing and Evaluating a Novel Crowdsourcing-based Paraphrased Opinion Spam Dataset

Abhijnan Chakraborty, Saptarshi Ghosh, Niloy Ganguly and Krishna P. Gummadi. Optimizing the Recency-Relevancy Trade-off in Online News Recommendations

Behzad Tabibian, Isabel Valera, Mehrdad Farajtabar, Le Song, Bernhard Schoelkopf and Manuel Gomez Rodriguez. Distilling Information Reliability and Source Trustworthiness from Digital Traces

Srijan Kumar, Justin Cheng, Jure Leskovec and V.S. Subrahmanian. An Army of Me: Sockpuppets in Online Discussion Communities

Machine Learning

Nate Veldt, Anthony Wirth and David Gleich. Correlation Clustering with Low-Rank Matrices

Wei Wu, Bin Li, Ling Chen and Chengqi Zhang. Consistent Weighted Sampling Made More Practical

Jan Deriu, Aurelien Lucchi, Martin Jaggi, Valeria De Luca, Mark Cieliebak, Aliaksei Severyn, Thomas Hofmann and Simon Müller. Leveraging large amounts of weakly supervised data for multi-language sentiment classification

Ping Li and Cun-Hui Zhang. Theory of the GMM Kernel

Security 1

Milivoj Simeonovski, Giancarlo Pellegrino, Christian Rossow and Michael Backes. Who Controls the Internet? Analyzing Global Threats using Property Graph Traversals

Rebecca S Portnoff, Sadia Afroz, Greg Durrett, Jonathan K Kummerfeld, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, Damon McCoy, Kirill Levchenko and Vern Paxson. Automated Analysis of Cybercriminal Markets

Qian Cui, Guy-Vincent Jourdan, Gregor Bochmann, Russell Couturier and Vio Onut. Tracking Phishing Attacks Over Time

Deepak Kumar, Zane Ma, Zakir Durumeric, Ariana Mirian, Joshua Mason, Michael Bailey and J. Alex Halderman. Security Challenges in an Increasingly Tangled Web

Security 2

Chaoshun Zuo and Zhiqiang Lin. Exposing Server URLs of Mobile Apps With Selective Symbolic Execution

Dolière Francis Some, Nataliia Bielova and Tamara Rezk. On the Content Security Policy violations due to the Same-Origin Policy

Adam Bates, Wajih Ul Hassan, Kevin Butler, Alin Dobra, Brad Reaves, Patrick Cable, Thomas Moyer and Nabil Schear. Transparent Web Service Auditing via Network Provenance Functions

Kyungtae Kim, I Luk Kim, Chung Hwan Kim, Yonghwi Kwon, Yunhui Zheng, Xiangyu Zhang and Dongyan Xu. J-Force: Forced Execution on JavaScript

Spam Detection

Yuli Liu, Yiqun Liu, Ke Zhou, Min Zhang and Shaoping Ma. Detecting Collusive Spamming Activities in Community Question Answering

Neil Shah. FLOCK: Combating Astroturfing on Livestreaming Platforms

David Freeman. Can you spot the fakes? On the limitations of user feedback in online social networks

Huayi Li, Geli Fei, Shuai Wang, Bing Liu, Weixiang Shao, Arjun Mukherjee and Jidong Shao. Bimodal Distribution and Co-Bursting in Review Spam Detection

Computational Health 4

Xiaohan Li and Shu Wu. Blood Pressure Prediction via Recurrent Models with Contextual Layer

Vasileios Lampos, Bin Zou and Ingemar Cox. Enhancing feature selection using word embeddings: The case of flu surveillance

Kathy Lee, Ashequl Qadir, Sadid A. Hasan, Vivek Datla, Aaditya Prakash, Joey Liu and Oladimeji Farri. Adverse Drug Event Detection in Tweets with Semi-Supervised Convolutional Neural Networks

Yoshihiko Suhara, Yinzhan Xu and Alex 'Sandy' Pentland. DeepMood: Forecasting Depressed Mood Based on Self-Reported Histories via Recurrent Neural Network

User Modeling 1

Zheqian Chen, Ben Gao, Huimin Zhang, Zhou Zhao and Deng Cai. User Personalized Satisfaction Prediction via Multiple Instance Deep Learning

Dimitar Dimitrov, Philipp Singer, Florian Lemmerich and Markus Strohmaier. What Makes a Link Successful on Wikipedia?

Jack Hessel, Lillian Lee and David Mimno. Cats and Captions vs. User Characteristics and the Clock: A Time-Controlled Analysis of Multimodal Content

Lin Gong, Benjamin Haines and Hongning Wang. Clustered Model Adaptation for Personalized Sentiment Analysis

User Modeling 2

Chao-Yuan Wu, Amr Ahmed, Gowtham Ramani Kumar and Ritendra Datta. Predicting Latent Structured Intents from Shopping Queries

Mengting Wan, Di Wang, Matt Goldman, Matt Taddy, Justin Rao, Jie Liu, Dimitrios Lymberopoulos and Julian McAuley. Modeling Consumer Preferences and Price-Sensitivities from Large-Scale Grocery Shopping Transaction Logs

Chanyoung Park, Donghyun Kim, Jinoh Oh and Hwanjo Yu. Do "Also-Viewed" Products Help User Rating Prediction?

Ying-Chun Lin, Chi-Hsuan Huang, Chu-Cheng Hsieh, Yu-Chen Shu and Kun-Ta Chuang. Monetary Discount Strategies for Real-Time Promotion Campaign

Social 1

Minh Hoang, Ambuj Singh, Xuan-Hong Dang, Xiang Wu and Zhenyu Yan. GPOP: Scalable Group-level Popularity Prediction for Online Content in Social Networks

Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, Lexing Xie, Scott Sanner, Manuel Cebrian, Honglin Yu and Pascal Van Henteryck. Expecting to be HIP: Hawkes Intensity Processes for Social Media Popularity

Andres Abeliuk, Gerardo Berbeglia, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Tad Hogg and Kristina Lerman. Taming the Unpredictability of Cultural Markets with Social Influence

Julia Proskurnia, Carlos Castillo, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, Przemyslaw Grabowicz, Ryota Kobayashi and Karl Aberer. Predicting the Success of Online Petitions Leveraging Multidimensional Time-Series

Social 2

Gilad Asharov, Francesco Bonchi, David Garcia Soriano and Tamir Tassa. Secure Centrality Computation Over Multiple Networks

Takanori Maehara, Hirofumi Suzuki and Masakazu Ishihata. Exact Computation of Influence Spread by Binary Decision Diagram

Wei Chen and Shang-Hua Teng. Interplay between Social Influence and Network Centrality: A Comparative Study on Shapley Centrality and Single-Node-Influence Centrality

Naoto Ohsaka and Yuichi Yoshida. Portfolio Optimization for Influence Spread

Social 3

Enrico Mariconti, Jeremiah Onaolapo, Sharique Ahmad, Nicolas Nikiforou, Manuel Egele, Nick Nikiforakis and Gianluca Stringhini. What's in a Name? Understanding Profile Name Reuse on Twitter

Brunella Spinelli, Laura Elisa Celis and Patrick Thiran. Back to the Source: An Online Approach for Sensor Placement and Source Localization

Muhammad Bilal Zafar, Isabel Valera, Manuel Gomez Rodriguez and Krishna P. Gummadi. Fairness Beyond Disparate Treatment & Disparate Impact: Learning Classification without Disparate Mistreatment

Claudia Wagner, Philipp Singer, Fariba Karimi, Jürgen Pfeffer and Markus Strohmaier. Sampling from social networks with attributes

Zhengxing Chen, Su Xue, John Kolen, Navid Aghdaie, Kazi Zaman, Yizhou Sun and Magy Seif El-Nasr. EOMM: An Engagement Optimized Matchmaking Framework

Semantics and Knowledge

Simon Walk, Lisette Espín-Noboa, Denis Helic, Markus Strohmaier and Mark Musen. How Users Explore Ontologies on the Web: A Study of NCBO's BioPortal Usage Logs

Hyeongsik Kim, Padmashree Ravindra and Kemafor Anyanwu. Type-based Semantic Optimization for Scalable RDF Graph Pattern Matching

Marco Brambilla, Stefano Ceri, Emanuele Della Valle, Riccardo Volonterio and Felix Javier Acero Salazar. Extracting Emerging Knowledge from Social Media

Cuong Xuan Chu, Niket Tandon and Gerhard Weikum. Distilling Task Knowledge from How-To Communities

Jiani Zhang, Xingjian Shi, Irwin King and Dit-Yan Yeung. Key-Value Memory Networks for Knowledge Tracing

Information Extraction

Ido Guy, Avihai Mejer, Alexander Nus and Fiana Raiber. Extracting and Ranking Travel Tips from User-Generated Reviews

Mayank Kejriwal and Pedro Szekely. Information Extraction in Illicit Web Domains

Alexander Konovalov, Benjamin Strauss, Alan Ritter and Brendan O'Connor. Learning to Extract Events from Knowledge Base Revisions

Xiang Ren, Zeqiu Wu, Wenqi He, Meng Qu, Clare Voss, Heng Ji, Tarek Abdelzaher and Jiawei Han. CoType: Joint Extraction of Typed Entities and Relations with Knowledge Bases

Question Answering and Topic Modeling

Abdalghani Abujabal, Mohamed Yahya, Mirek Riedewald and Gerhard Weikum. Automated Template Generation for Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs

Long Chen, Joemon Jose, Haitao Yu and Fajie Yuan. A Semantic Graph-Based Approach for Mining Common Topics From Multiple Asynchronous Text Streams

Denis Lukovnikov, Asja Fischer, Jens Lehmann and Sören Auer. Neural Network-based Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs on Word and Character Level

Wei Emma Zhang, Quan Z. Sheng, Ermyas Abebe and Jey Han Lau. Detecting Duplicate Posts in Programming QA Communities via Latent Semantics and Associations Rules

Friday 7 April

Privacy 1

Camille Cobb and Tadayoshi Kohno. How Public Is My Private Life? Privacy in Online Dating

Fengli Xu, Zhen Tu, Yong Li, Pengyu Zhang, Xiaoming Fu and Depeng Jin. Trajectory Recovery From Ash: User Privacy Is NOT Preserved in Aggregated Mobility Data

Iskander Sanchez-Rola, Davide Balzarotti and Igor Santos. The Onions Have Eyes: A Comprehensive Structure and Privacy Analysis of the Dark Web

Jessica Su, Ansh Shukla, Sharad Goel and Arvind Narayanan. Deanonymizing Web Browsing Data With Social Networks

Privacy 2

Danny Yuxing Huang, Doug Grundman, Kurt Thomas, Elie Bursztein, Abhishek Kumar, Kirill Levchenko and Alex Snoeren. Pinning Down Abuse on Google Maps

Oleksii Starov and Nick Nikiforakis. Extended Tracking Powers: Measuring the Privacy Diffusion Enabled by Browser Extensions

Li Chang, Hsu-Chun Hsiao, Wei Jeng, Tiffany Hyun-Jin Kim and Wei-Hsi Lin. Security Implications of Redirection Trail in Popular Websites Worldwide

Milijana Surbatovich, Jassim Aljuraidan, Lujo Bauer, Anupam Das and Limin Jia. Some Recipes Can Do More Than Spoil Your Appetite: Analyzing the Security and Privacy Risks of IFTTT Recipes

Graph Algorithms

Ali Pinar, C. Seshadhri and V. Vishal. ESCAPE: Efficiently Counting All 5-Vertex Subgraphs

Priya Govindan, Chenghong Wang, Chumeng Xu, Hongyu Duan and Sucheta Soundarajan. The k-peak decomposition: Mapping the global structure of graphs

Charalampos Tsourakakis, Jakub Pachocki and Michael Mitzenmacher. Scalable motif-aware graph clustering

Aaron Archer, Silvio Lattanzi, Peter Likarish and Sergei Vassilvitskii. Indexing Public-Private Graphs

Web Search

Chenyan Xiong, Russell Power and Jamie Callan. Explicit Semantic Ranking for Academic Search via Knowledge Graph Embedding

Sourav Dutta, Pratik Nayek and Arnab Bhattacharya. Neighbor-Aware Search for Approximate Labeled Graph Matching using the Chi-Square Statistics

Bhaskar Mitra, Fernando Diaz and Nick Craswell. Learning to Match using Local and Distributed Representations of Text for Web search

Alexey Drutsa, Gleb Gusev and Pavel Serdyukov. Using the Delay in a Treatment Effect to Improve Sensitivity and Preserve Directionality of Engagement Metrics in A/B Experiments

Email and personal search

Hamed Zamani, Michael Bendersky, Xuanhui Wang and Mingyang Zhang. Situational Context for Ranking in Personal Search

Qingyao Ai, Susan Dumais, Nick Craswell and Dan Liebling. Characterizing Email Search using Large-scale Behavioral Logs and Surveys

Julia Proskurnia, Marc-Allen Cartright, Lluis Garcia-Pueyo, Ivo Krka, James Wendt, Tobias Kaufmann and Balint Miklos. Template Induction Over Plain Text Corpora

David Carmel, Liane Lewin-Eytan, Alexander Libov, Yoelle Maarek and Ariel Raviv. The Demographics of Mail Search and their Application to Query Suggestion

David Carmel, Liane Lewin-Eytan, Alexander Libov, Yoelle Maarek and Ariel Raviv. Promoting Relevant Results in Time-Ranked Mail Search

User Modeling 3

Qian Zhao, Yue Shi and Liangjie Hong. GB-CENT: Gradient Boosted Categorical Embedding and Numerical Trees

Jun Hu and Ping Li. Decoupled Collaborative Ranking

Avradeep Bhowmik and Joydeep Ghosh. LETOR Methods for Unsupervised Rank Aggregation

Immanuel Bayer, Xiangnan He, Bhargav Kanagal and Steffen Rendle. A Generic Coordinate Descent Framework for Learning from Implicit Feedback

User Modeling 4

Jinyuan Jia, Binghui Wang, Le Zhang and Neil Zhenqiang Gong. AttriInfer: Inferring User Attributes in Online Social Networks Using Markov Random Fields

Ajaya Neupane, Nitesh Saxena and Leanne Hirshfield. Neural Underpinnings of Website Legitimacy and Familiarity Detection: An fNIRS Study

Sungchul Kim, Nikhil Kini, Jay Pujara, Eunyee Koh and Lise Getoor. Probabilistic Visitor Stitching on Cross-Device Web Logs

Philipp Singer, Florian Lemmerich, Robert West, Leila Zia, Ellery Wulczyn, Markus Strohmaier and Jure Leskovec. Why We Read Wikipedia

Social 4

Roy Ka-Wei Lee, Tuan-Anh Hoang and Ee-Peng Lim. On Analyzing User Topic-Specific Platform Preferences Across Multiple Social Media Sites

Rahmtin Rotabi, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil and Jon Kleinberg. Competition and Selection Among Conventions

George Berry and Sean Taylor. Discussion quality diffuses in the digital public square

Liye Fu, Lillian Lee and Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil. When confidence and competence collide: Effects on online decision-making discussions

Social 5

Xiaokai Wei, Linchuan Xu, Bokai Cao and Philip S. Yu. Cross View Link Prediction by Learning Noise-resilient Representation Consensus

Minglai Shao, Jianxin Li, Feng Chen, Hongyi Huang, Shuai Zhang and Xunxun Chen. An Efficient Approach to Event Detection and Forecasting in Dynamic Multivariate Social Media Networks

Xin Wang, Steven Hoi, Martin Ester, Jiajun Bu and Chun Chen. Learning Personalized Preference of Strong and Weak Ties for Social Recommendation

Xiang Li, Yao Wu, Martin Ester, Ben Kao, Xin Wang and Yudian Zheng. Semi-supervised Clustering in Attributed Heterogeneous Information Networks

Web Mining

Dominik Kowald, Subhash Pujari and Elisabeth Lex. Temporal Effects on Hashtag Reuse in Twitter: A Cognitive-Inspired Hashtag Recommendation Approach

Ellery Wulczyn, Nithum Thain and Lucas Dixon. Ex Machina: Personal Attacks Seen at Scale

Sihem Amer-Yahia, Sofia Kleisarchaki, Naresh Kumar Kolloju, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan and Ruben H. Zamar. Exploring Rated Datasets with Rating Maps

Charalampos Mavroforakis, Isabel Valera and Manuel Gomez Rodriguez. Modeling the Dynamics of Learning Activity on the Web

This list is subject to change.