Industry Track

WWW2017 will feature several tracks of presentations that focus on web research across the spectrum that involves industry participation.

The track features paper-style presentations of research results and ideas from a number of companies, including Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Uber, and Walmart. The web has proven to be a fertile ground for industrial research, and companies from small to large, from brand new to deeply entrenched, are making significant leaps forward in science and engineering. The accepted papers are listed below within their session and on the day they are scheduled to present. The company that is the main focus of the paper is listed in brackets.

Track Chairs:


  • Pavel Serdyukov (Yandex)
  • Andrew Walker (Fleet Engineering)

Wednesday 5 April

Deep learning in practice

L Yang, C Fang, H Jin, M Hoffman and D Estrin. Personalizing Software and Web Services by Integrating Unstructured Application Usage Traces (Adobe)

A Zhang, L Garcia-Pueyo, J B Wendt, M Najork and A Broder. Email Category Prediction (Google)

L Li, H Jing, H Tong, J Yang, Q He and B-C Chen. NEMO: Next Career Move Prediction with Contextual Embedding (LinkedIn)

A Zhai, D Kislyuk and Y Jing. Visual Search and Recommendations at Pinterest using Convolutional Networks (Pinterest)

User behaviour analysis

Y Li, P Xu, D Lagun and V Navalpakkam. Towards Measuring and Inferring User Interest from Gaze (Google)

SK Kamaker Santu, L Li, DH Park, C Zhai and Y Chang. Modeling the Influence of Popular Trending Events on User Search Behavior (Yahoo)

C Lo, J Cheng and J Leskovec. Understanding Online Collection Growth Over Time: A Case Study of Pinterest (Pinterest)

F Kooti, K Subbian, W Mason, L Adamic and K Lerman. Understanding Short-term Changes in Online Activity Sessions (Facebook)

Recommending content and matchmaking

C Yang, R Luo, L Zhong, and L-J Li. Bi-directional Joint Inference for User Links and Attributes on Large Social Graphs (Snapchat)

F Kooti, M Grbovic, LM Aiello, N Djuric, V Radosavljevic and K Lerman Analyzing the Ride-sharing Economy (Uber)

DC Liu, S Rogers, R Shiau, K Ma, Z Shong, J liu, D Kislyuk and Y Jing Related Pins at Pinterest: The Evolution of a Real-World Recommender System (Pinterest)

J Cheng, C Lo and J Leskovec. Predicting Intent Using Activity Logs: How Goal Specificity and Temporal Range Affect User Behaviour (Pinterest)

Thursday 6 April

Online metrics and experimentation

N Rosenfeld, Y Mansour and E Yop-Tov. Predicting Counterfactuals from Large Historical Data and Small Randomized Trials (Microsoft)

V Abhishek and S Mannor. A Nonparametric Sequential Test for Online Randomized Experiments (Walmart)

A Chen and X Fu. Data + Intuition: A Hybrid Approach to Developing Product North Star Metrics (LinkedIn)

R Mehrotra, A Anderson, F Diaz, A Sharma and H Wallach. Auditing Search Engines for Differential Performance Across Demographics (Microsoft)

Search and Efficiency

M Babaioff, Y Mansour, N Nisan, G Noti, C Curino, N Ganapathy, I Menache, O Reingold, M Tennenholtz and E Timnat. ERA: A Framework for Economic Resource Allocation for the Cloud (Microsoft)

A Dasgupta, R Kumar and T Sarlos. Caching with Dual Costs (Google)

D Carmel, G Gueta, and E Bartnikov. Top-k Query Processing with Conditional Skips (Yahoo)

X Liu, C Zhai, W Han and O Gungor. Numerical Range Facets Partition: evaluation metric and methods (Walmart)


M Aharon, A Kagian and O Somekh. Adaptive Online Hyper-Parameters Tuning for Ad Event-Prediction Models (Yahoo)

Y Juan, D Lafortier and O Chapelle. Field-aware Factorization Machines in a Real-world Online Advertising System (Criteo)

X Ling, W Deng, C Gu, C Li, H Zhou and F Sun. Model ensemble for Click Prediction in Bing Search Ads (Microsoft)

M Bron, M Redi, F Silvestri, H Evans, M Chute and M Lalmas. Friendly, Appealing or Both? Characterising User Experience in Sponsored Search Landing Pages (Yahoo)

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